• Acrylic Wool Blend Yarn for Hand Knitting Sweaters

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    Acrylic Wool Blend Yarn for Hand Knitting Sweaters

    Acrylic wool blended yarn has the following technical effects: simple process, can better complement the characteristics of acrylic fiber and wool fiber; has better yarn properties; fabric made of acrylic wool blended yarn has better taking function, Meet people's... Read More

  • Nice Quality Acrylic Polyester Blend Yarn

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    Nice Quality Acrylic Polyester Blend Yarn

    Acrylic yarns and cotton yarn blends increase breathability, softness, and hygroscopicity, and are comfortable when worn in underwear. They are widely used in knitted sweatshirts. In recent years, the dyeing and elasticity of acrylic fibers have been significantly improved,... Read More

  • Anti-pilling Acrylic Yarn

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    Anti-pilling Acrylic Yarn

    Anti-pilling acrylic yarn is a functional special yarn developed not long ago in the world. It avoids the disadvantages of the acrylic raw material of pilling and static electricity. It is more similar to the pure wool yarn function, and the price is lower than the wool yarn.... Read More

  • Anti-static Acrylic Yarn

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    Anti-static Acrylic Yarn

    The antistatic methods of our acrylic yarns include: surface additive additive antistatic, conductive coating antistatic. Our antistatic acrylic yarns have very good anti-static properties and are mainly used to make hats, gloves, scarves, socks, etc. The "National... Read More

  • Flame-retardant Acrylic Yarn

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    Flame-retardant Acrylic Yarn

    Our carbonized flame-retardant acrylic yarn retains the original shape of the fiber even after carbonization, avoiding the secondary damage caused by high temperature melting and dropping. Close-fitting, moisture-absorbent, breathable and comfortable. Due to its excellent... Read More

  • High Tenacity Acrylic Yarn

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    High Tenacity Acrylic Yarn

    Our yarn can be made these product: rib yarn ,hat yarn,sock yarn ,sweater yarn,cloth rib,knitting rib. The product is popular in knitting and weaving materials which can be used to make carpets, bathrobes, scarves, caps,sweater. It can be used as hand knitting material.There... Read More

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