Acrylic Yarn

  • High Bulk Acrylic Yarn For Knitting

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    High Bulk Acrylic Yarn For Knitting

    factory wholesale high bulk acrylic yarn in raw white for knitting 1. 100% Acrylic Yarn, raw white high bulk acrylic ring spun yarn 2. raw white, melange or other dyed colors 3. high bulk with 18-22% shrinkage 4. for knitting or weaving 5. Package: by hanks or cones, in... Read More

  • 100% Acrylic Yarn

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    100% Acrylic Yarn

    Acrylic yarn, composition and content is 100% acrylic, yarn count is 28, strand is 2, twist is 150/10cm, spinning process is air spinning, yarn form is skein, the main purpose is knitting, weaving, Towels, sewing. Read More

  • High Bulk Acrylic Yarn

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    High Bulk Acrylic Yarn

    The bulked yarn is a yarn obtained by blending a high-shrinkage fiber and a regular fiber in a certain proportion. The yarn is subjected to a wet heat treatment, and the high-shrinkage fiber shrinks to form the core of the yarn, and the regular fiber is buckled to form a... Read More

  • Solid Acrylic Yarn

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    Solid Acrylic Yarn

    The solid acrylic yarn produced by us is better in elasticity, second only to polyester, about 2 times higher than nylon, and has better conformability. Acrylic lightfastness is the best among all synthetic fibers, exposure to the open air for one year, strength is only... Read More

  • Cashmere Like Yarn

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    Cashmere Like Yarn

    Imitation cashmere yarn is made of 100% Acrylic, which is characterized by smooth, soft, elastic, and more vivid and rich colors than natural cashmere. Advantages of Acrylic Fabric: 1. The performance of acrylic fabric is very similar to wool, but its elasticity is much... Read More

  • Acrylic Grey Melange Yarn

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    Acrylic Grey Melange Yarn

    Acrylic grey melange yarn is acrylic yarn black and white raw materials blended.Environmental protection. Acrylic grey melange yarn can be used to make hats, scarves, gloves, sweaters. Acrylics are short fibers, and short fibers are easy to pill. Therefore, the poor quality... Read More

  • Dope-dyed Acrylic Yarn

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    Dope-dyed Acrylic Yarn

    The advantages of acrylic yarn include good volume ,to feel good, good weather -ability ,mouldproof and moth-proofing ect. Therefore, it's widely used in making a blanket, carpet, and a variety of material and indoor articles. Shandong Shengrun Textile Co., Ltd. is... Read More

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