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Removal Of Grease Stains On Tablecloth
Jul 17, 2018

After eating, the tablecloth will be stained with grease, try the following methods 

1, first will be contaminated part of the tablecloth immersed in 60 ℃ of hot water, a moment out, sprinkle a small amount of alkali powder and the equivalent of washing powder, hand-rub.

Rinse with water and wash it again with detergent.

2. After the soap is chopped and washed with boiling water, the tablecloth is rubbed in the soapy liquid.

3, take a little flour with cold water into paste, coated on the reverse side of the oil, drying off the flour, oil is removed. 4, with green soybean powder thick besmear in the oil mark, then uses the electric iron to burn for a while the oil trace is apart.