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Tablecloth Laying
Jul 17, 2018

The laying of the table cloth 

1, banquet cloth generally by two groups of cooperation, because the table is longer, single laying will easily wrinkle or dirty tablecloth, but also inconvenient to operate. If it is a person to shop cloth, should pay special attention to two pieces of cloth between the seam. 

2, is generally a piece of cloth, then stand in the middle of the position, the table cloth open, face up, with the thumb and forefinger grasp the table cloth near the side of the body, the remaining three fingers quickly grabbed the rest of the tablecloth, forcibly thrown to the opposite. The table cloth faces upward, the center line is right, the droop part wants evenly, the appearance is neat. If there are two tablecloths, one at both ends of the laying, the first in the dining table to use the same method of laying a tablecloth, and then on the outside side of the table to lay another table cloth. Two people laying, two people stand on the table on both sides of the laying of 1/2 (two pieces of tablecloth in 1/4). Table cloth facing upward, the center line to the right, the sagging part to uniform, joint at the same, smooth, beautiful and tidy. 

3, long meal table often with a number of cloth patchwork. When laying, from the restaurant to the outside, so that each table cloth seam facing in, to make the guests into the restaurant to see the principle of the seam, the Central line of the table cloth to be connected, into a wire; the transverse seam of the tablecloth is perpendicular to the long side of the dining table, and the four sides of the tablecloth are parallel and equal, and the table cloth is suitably contacted to the chair surface Generally by two or more people together to complete. Western Table Table cloth laying methods generally use the push-and-shake type method, especially after the second piece of tablecloth laying. Other requirements for the laying of tablecloth in Chinese banquet.