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Technical index of Grey fabric
Jul 17, 2018

Fabric Length Direction

Warp, warp, warp density--fabric length direction; the yarn is referred to as Warp, and its 1-inch yarn is arranged by dense (warp density).

Width direction of fabric

Weft, weft, weft density--fabric width direction; The yarn is referred to as weft, and the number of the 1-inch yarn is weft dense (weft density);

Density --Used to indicate the number of yarns per unit length of woven fabric, generally 1 inches or 10 centimeters of the number of yarn roots, China's national standards for the use of 10 cm in the number of yarn root density, but textile enterprises are still accustomed to using 1 inches in the number of yarns to indicate density.

As commonly seen in the "45x45/108x58" means that the warp weft 45, latitude and longitude density of 108, 58.

Width --the effective width of the fabric, generally used in inches or centimeters, the common 36-inch, 44-inch, 56-60-inch, etc., known as narrow, medium and wide, more than 60 inches of fabric for the special width, commonly called wide cloth, today's China's special width of the fabric can reach 360 centimeters.

The width is generally marked at the back of the density, such as: 3 of the mentioned fabrics if the width is added: "45x45/108x58/60" is the width of 60 inches.

Gram Weight --the weight of the fabric is generally square-meter fabric weights grams, gram weight is an important technical indicators of knitted fabrics, woolen woollen usually also as an important technical indicators.

The gram weight of denim fabric is generally expressed as "Oz", that is, the number of ounces per square yards of fabric weight, such as 7 ounces, 12 ounces denim, etc.

Yarn Dyed

--Japan calls it "dyeing fabric first" refers to the first yarn or filament after dyeing, and then the use of yarn weaving process, this fabric is called "yarn-dyed", the production of color weaving factory generally known as dyeing factory, such as denim, and most of the shirt fabric is dyed cloth.

Gram Weight Calculation

Grey Fabric gram Weight Refers to the weight of the fabric per unit area, usually expressed in grams per square metre (g/m2).

The simplest method of calculation in business.

For example: cotton fabric generally in the range of 70~250 g/m2;

Fanliding (combed) wool fabric weight around 185 g/m2;

Thick Tweed (coarse comb) is about 280g/m2;

The thin silk fabric is usually between 20~100 g/m2. Grey fabric weight is also a test of fabric physical properties of one of the quality indicators, which is more focused on wool fabrics. In the "ministry" standard of combed wool fabric and wool chemical fiber fabric, it is stipulated that the square meter weight should not exceed the allowable tolerance (5%), and that it shall be a first-class product, more than 5% and no more than 7% for second-class products.