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Stacking method of Grey fabric
Jul 17, 2018

First of all, have a large enough warehouse, if the warehouse is very small, with what methods are not stacked (Qiao daughter-in-law difficult to do bricks without straw) next according to the fabric types to differentiate, for example: knitted fabrics and woven fabrics should be differentiated, because knitted fabrics into a roll of the relatively soft, and woven fabrics reel up more straight,

There are fabric material classification, cotton fabric to separate, polyester cotton fabric and fiber cloth divided into three parts.

1, the wrong stacking method is such as figure one, this is not conducive to ventilation, time storage, the middle part will be moldy, cotton cloth will appear spots, and cloth fastness to drop, with the hand can be gently ripped cloth, we all know that this cloth becomes a waste cloth. 

2, the correct stacking methods, such as figure two, so stacked for easy management, looking for what material to look at the know, benefits are conducive to ventilation, easy to fire, cotton fabric is best placed in a well-ventilated place, such as from the door, the closest to the window, the width of a meter is a conventional width, 6 to 7 volumes put a row, the 2nd floor vertical flat, the number must be the same as the bottom , the 3rd layer is horizontally flat, the number is the same, and so on.

Error Stacking methodStacking methods correctly