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Spinning technology
Jul 17, 2018

There are two solutions to solve the problem of yarn strength, one method is to use more advanced spinning technology without changing the raw material to spin the yarn which can be applied to the easy care fabric, such as compact ring spinning technology.

The second method is to adjust the raw material and change the structure of the yarn, through the original natural fiber and excellent performance in accordance with the easy to care requirements of the fiber through a certain spinning method to make the combination of the two, the effect of the ideal yarn, mainly blended yarn, composite yarn, respectively, described below.

1. Blended yarn The blended yarns of two or more fibers are mainly made of mixed fibers and strips. The strength of the whole yarn is increased through the original fiber material and other fibers with high strength and modulus.

This type of composite yarn has a traditional polyester/cotton, polyester/viscose, polyester/wool, as well as polyester/cotton/tencel fiber, polyester/cotton/cashmere and so on.

2. Composite yarn Two different fibers are twisted together in a single yarn or filament, which can be spun out on a reformed spinning frame or spun out in a hollow spindle. Mainly Siro-spun, Sellofiel spinning, wrap-wrap spinning, core spinning and so on.