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Processing Method Of Grey Fabric
Jul 17, 2018

(1) Woven (woven) fabric (woven fabrics): a yarn arranged vertically between two systems, transverse and longitudinal, woven on the loom according to certain laws.

There are denim, woven brocade, plate division, linen and so on.

(2) Knitted fabrics (knitted fabrics): Woven fabrics formed from yarn weaving into a circle, divided into weft and warp knitting.

A weft knitted fabric is a weft-fed knitting machine on the work of the needle, so that the yarn in order to bend into a circle, and wear a sleeve from each other.

b Warp Knitted fabric is a group or several groups of parallel yarn, on the feed into the knitting machine on all working needles, at the same time into a circle. 

(3) Non-woven creations (Non-woven fabrics): The loose fibres are bonded or stitched together. The main use of bonding and puncture two methods.

This method can greatly simplify the process, reduce the cost and improve the labor productivity, and has a broad development prospects. 

(4) Knitting (weaving) (braided fabrics): Two or more groups of linear objects, dislocation, card position or the formation of the product, such as seats, baskets and other bamboo, rattan products, or one or more yarns with each other string, twisted braid, knotted products.

The other is a special equipment, multi-channel yarn into a set of space in accordance with a series of rules formed by the three-dimensional structure of complex products.

(5) Composite fabric (compound fabrics): multi-layer fabric formed by the methods of Knitting, needling, spunlaced, bonding, stitching, riveting, etc., from woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, knits, non-woven fabrics or membranes.

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