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Classification Of Raw Materials For Grey Fabric
Jul 17, 2018

(1) Pure textile material: The material that makes up the fabric uses the same fiber, cotton fabric, wool fabric, polyester fabric and so on.

(2) Blended fabric: The material that makes up the fabric uses two or more different kinds of fibers, which are made of blended yarn and blended fabrics such as polyester-viscose polyester and polyester nitrile.

(3) Blended fabrics:The fabric of the raw materials used by the two kinds of fiber single yarn, by combined with the strands made of low elastic polyester filament and medium-length mixing, there are polyester staple fiber and low elastic polyester filament mixed with the strands and so on.

(4) Woven Fabrics:The raw materials of the two directional systems of the fabric are made up of different fiber yarns, such as the ancient fragrant satin with silk rayon, nylon and rayon blended with artificial cotton.

3, according to the composition of fabric raw materials are dyed classification

(1) White fabric: raw materials without bleaching and dyeing are processed into fabric, silk fabrics are also known as raw goods. 

(2) Color fabric: will be dyed after the raw material or fancy line after processing into fabric, silk is also known as the fabric of cooked goods.