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Acrylic Yarn And Sweater Pilling
Dec 05, 2018

The pilling and the composition of the sweater have nothing to do with the ingredients. It is good to cashmere wool, and the difference is that the acrylic will pilling. The key is related to the following:

The density of the whole sweater is tight or loose, generally loose will almost

If the overall sweater feels very slippery and soft, then the pilling will not be very good.

If the overall sweater has hair on the surface, such as a sweater made of wool yarn, then the ball is definitely not good.

In addition, it has a lot to do with the twist of the wool yarn.

As a general example, some carpets are made of acrylic, so the ball is very tight, and the yarn is very high.

The pilling state exhibited by different ingredients is also different. This is related to the composition. For example, the whole cotton will have a feeling of worn-out compared with the fluffy hair, while the cashmere wool pilling generally has a ball and has been worn for a long time. The ball will drop by itself.

In summary, the density of the sweater is tight, and the general pilling is better. In fact, if modern people buy fashionable sweaters, they don't have to think about the ball. After all, wear them several times and do not wear them after washing them several times. For cashmere wool, you can wear a day to let the clothes rest, cold hands wash the dry, and remove the ball, so that the care is better.