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Special yarn
Jul 17, 2018

Also known as Fancy yarn: refers to the use of special raw materials, special equipment or special processes in the process of fiber or yarn processing to obtain a special structure and appearance effect of the yarn, is a yarn products with decorative function of a yarn. For more than 2012 years, the International yarn and Fabric exhibition, special yarn and fabrics dazzling. Special yarn woven products, can be used as coats, suits, fabrics of garments, shirts and skirts; fancy yarn knitting products are widely used in knitting garments; In addition, fancy yarns are also used for weaving woolen sweaters, hats, scarves, neckties, carpets and other decorative fabrics such as yarn release, curtain cloth, bedding, advanced wall material and so on. Special yarns are used in a wide variety of raw materials, including cotton, wool, silk, hemp, chemical fiber, as well as side-foot materials. Special yarn production methods Many, different methods can be combined to form a new fancy yarn products. Mainly divided into six major categories, more than 70 kinds.