Grey Fabric

  • 100% Cotton Grey Twill Fabric

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    100% Cotton Grey Twill Fabric

    Our company specializes in producing pure cotton fabrics such as cotton twill fabrics, with various specifications and soft and comfortable fabrics. After dyeing, it is widely used. The grey fabrics produced by our factory are of the highest quality and the best in the world.... Read More

  • 100% Cotton Grey Plain Fabric

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    100% Cotton Grey Plain Fabric

    We have C20*20 60*60 1/1 145gsm. The cotton plain grain fabrics we produce all year round are evenly distributed, smooth on the fabric surface, full in foot and dense in quality. Our customers are used for handbags, hospital fabrics, labor protection fabrics, tooling fabrics,... Read More

  • 100% Cotton Grey Jacquard Fabric

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    100% Cotton Grey Jacquard Fabric

    Cotton jacquard fabric, cotton fabric, breathable and dry, always fresh. Green, comfortable fabric, easy to pill, easy to clean. Grey cloth series: imported cotton yarn, green raw materials, natural environmental protection, advanced technology, natural style, soft and... Read More

  • T/C Grey Twill Fabric

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    T/C Grey Twill Fabric

    The polyester/cotton grey fabric is mainly used for dyeing shirts and suiting fabrics, because it combines the advantages of polyester and cotton and weakens their weaknesses. It is higher in abrasion resistance than pure cotton fabrics, and it is in terms of feel,... Read More

  • T/C Grey Plain Fabric

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    T/C Grey Plain Fabric

    The company supplies T/C45*45,110*76,133*72,124*69,45/2*21,138*71,23*23, 104*61,130*70,108*58 all the year round. Series of polyester and cotton fabrics, stable quality, uniform evenness, smooth fabric, suitable for clothing fabrics, lining, lining, home textiles, quilted... Read More

  • T/C Grey Jacquard Fabric

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    T/C Grey Jacquard Fabric

    Clear texture, showing exquisite. Using environmentally friendly dyeing, visible fabrics. Advanced craftsmanship, you create more cost-effective fabrics. Shandong Shengrun Textile Co.. LTD is located at the hometown of Zeng Zi Shandong Jiaxiangeconomic development zone, which... Read More

  • Viscose Twill Fabric

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    Viscose Twill Fabric

    The ordinary viscose fiber has good hygroscopicity, is easy to be dyed, is not easy to static electricity, and has good spinnability. The short fibers can be purely spun or blended with other textile fibers. The fabrics are soft, smooth, breathable, comfortable to wear, and... Read More

  • Viscose Plain Fabric

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    Viscose Plain Fabric

    Soft, good hand feeling, strong sense of pendant .The viscose plain fabric feels soft, drape, and comfortable to wear. Hygroscopicity, breathability is better than cotton fabrics. The cloth is smooth, delicate and smooth. Dyeing performance, bright color, stable performance.... Read More

  • Viscose Jacquard Fabric

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    Viscose Jacquard Fabric

    Rayon is the form of viscose staple fiber, used in the production of rayon fabric in China has more than half a century of history, and therefore the rayon fabric is also quite a relatively stable quality of a class of textiles. Rayon also belongs to regenerated cellulose... Read More

with over 15 years of experience, we are professional grey fabric suppliers in China. Please rest assured to buy or wholesale durable grey fabric in stock here from our factory.