Finished Fabric

  • White 100 Cotton Eyelet Lace Embroidery Fabric For Dress

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    White 100 Cotton Eyelet Lace Embroidery Fabric For Dress

    White 100 cotton eyelet lace embroidery fabric for dress 1. Inner Packing: Packed by roll, then wrapped in plastic bags. 2. Outer Packing: Standard export carton. According to your request Read More

  • Waterproof Dyed Fabric

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    Waterproof Dyed Fabric

    waterproof, workwear fabric , high tear strength The waterproof fabric produced by our factory is used to make garments. Because the water of the fabric is not easy to penetrate, the water drops on the fabric, which will spread quickly and disperse the penetration ability of... Read More

  • Oil Proof Dyed Fabric

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    Oil Proof Dyed Fabric

    Nanotechnology functional finishing makes the fabric waterproof, anti-oil, anti-fouling function, the effect is significant and long-lasting, waterproof finishing can give the fabric a good water repellent performance, while maintaining breathability, resistance to multiple... Read More

  • Dyed Fabric for Workwear

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    Dyed Fabric for Workwear

    It can effectively clean, prevent pollution, protect the body from mechanical trauma and harmful chemicals, thermal radiation burns, including protective, wash-resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-mold, chemical resistance, heat resistance and so on. Features: 1) Permanent flame... Read More

  • Fireproof Dyed Fabric

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    Fireproof Dyed Fabric

    The cotton flame-retardant fabric has excellent flame retardant performance, good air permeability and moisture permeability, green non-toxic products, soft and comfortable, and meets the requirements of the European standard EN ISO11611, EN ISO11612, and the safety and... Read More

  • Anti-static Dyed Fabric

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    Anti-static Dyed Fabric

    Anti-static fabrics can be made of anti-static clothing, anti-static masks, anti-static gloves, anti-static shoes or shoe covers. Applications Medical, pharmaceutical, food, precision instruments, aerospace and other industries that are sensitive to static electricity and... Read More

  • Printed Fabric for Medical Fabric

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    Printed Fabric for Medical Fabric

    The main products of medical and nursing fabrics include polyester, cotton, and polyester, moisture wicking, antibacterial, antibacterial and antistatic, and other functional chlorine-resistant bleached fabrics. All quality standards and physical indicators meet the... Read More

  • Printed Fabric for Fashionable Dress

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    Printed Fabric for Fashionable Dress

    Our printed fabrics come in a variety of patterns and are soft and comfortable for processing fashion.This satin imitated silk printed simple floral design. It looks glossy not too shining. Its very suitable to make lady dress,shirt,blouse,over skirt, ect. This fabric is a... Read More

  • Printed Fabric for Skirt

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    Printed Fabric for Skirt

    The pattern of printed fabrics is of various colors, and it is beautiful and generous. The use of printed fabrics is very extensive. Not only can it be worn as clothing, but also can be mass-produced and inexpensive. Full ring spinning, the fabric has fewer feathers, higher... Read More

  • Printed Fabric for Shirt

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    Printed Fabric for Shirt

    The color and pattern are printed on the plain fabric with a transfer or garden net, and the fabric is called a dyed fabric. Its characteristics are colorful, rich patterns, delicate. Fresh design,highlight your temperament,soft,comfortable. It must be your best choice to... Read More

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